I'm Ryan.

I'm a software developer at Density and I build stuff in my spare time.


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As far back as I can remember, I've always enjoyed making things.

I first started programming (hey, that's a form of making, right?) when I was 10. After quickly figuring out most of the fundamentals, I realized that software development is something that I'm passionate about. Since then, I've been slowly building my skills and building cool, useful pieces of software. Along the way, I've won a couple awards and turned software development into my career – first at Lono and now at Density.

In my youth, I didn't have access to much money – if I wanted something, I had to make it. So, through trial and error and through many iterations, I eventually figured out how to construct physical contraptions. When I was a little older and my parents' started to let me use their tools, I also found that making things with my hands is something I found deeply satisfying. While software development could pay the bills, it was clear that woodworking, metalworking, sewing, and all other manual arts would be an important part of my life.

Since that realization, I've slowly been building up a space for me to make. At first, it was a desk in my bedroom. All throughout high school, it was a corner of my parents basement. Now, I'm lucky enough to have a space devoted to my art, even if it's windowless and only has one outlet.

These days, I usually spend my time building whatever I need — from wall hooks to a complete, working bandsaw. I love exploring new processes and concepts and discovering what they let me create.

Recent Projects
Today, I made a new cabinet for my shop to store all of my personal protective equipment. I'm relatively satisfied with it! Need to replace the drawer front and pull with something a bit more permanent and maybe give it a coat of paint! #diy #handmade #maker #madebyryan
I recently made a scale model pallet for a friend of mine who is in logistics as a present. It didn't take too long, but it came out so good!! #maker #madebyryan #pallet First, I made the pallets by gluing together some scale lumber I had on hand. Next, I made a bunch of boxes out of card stock and folded them all up. Finally, I wrapped the whole pallet in shrink wrap and put a few small barcode stickers on it.
A web tool to make a raw tcp request, built originally to teach how tcp works.
I recently made a bottle opener for my keychain - it's light and small enough to not be noticed, but opens a drink when the time is right. #diy #handmade #maker #madebyryan I'm doing an experiment. I made a few of of these, and want to give five of the extras away. If you think it's neat and something you'd like on your keychain too, comment below and mention you're interested. If this goes well, I'll pick 5 people at random in a few weeks and send* a bottle opener to each. I hope I can make someone's day! * anywhere within the continental United States, sorry!
This morning's project - a DIY rat-tail file handle. Trimmed down a block of oak using my spoke-shave and chisel, bent a bar of aluminum around the top, and brazed the joint closed with a torch and brazing rod. Finished with some mineral oil on the oak. Turned out quite nice! #diy #woodworking #madebyryan
Vim text engine
Also, this weekend I tried out brazing aluminum for the first time - thanks for the encouragement at maker faire, @caleb_kraft! It's clear after a few hours that I need a lot more practice.
Made a fabric box for my notebooks this past week - always great to get to use my sewing machine!
Final product. Came out pretty well, though there's always room for improvement next time around.
Just a duck on a lamp.
Built 5x model bikes to give away at #makerfairenyc next weekend to cool people I run into along the way. @makerfaire
Making an old dial move again.
A small shim for managing design assets (sketch and invision studio) with git.
I made a hammock. It's pretty comfortable.
A tool to show me a piano keyboard and let me pick a random note. Built so that I can learn to read music.
Attempt to build some sort of a timeseries data processing and querying system in rust.
A prototype modular bundle decompiler. Not ready for use yet.
An example python aggregation algorithm.
Trying out a new idea I have for backstroke
Adapts html forms to submit a json payload instead of a form-encoded one.
A server for collecting information in a time-ordered fashion
A system for linking together concepts with relationships
A small toolbox filled with goodies helpful when reverse-engineering javascript bundles.
A language to express logic diagrams and create machines out of binary gates. Built by me to help me understand how computers work.
syr(js) presentation on regular expressions
An empty fork
A tool to make git push and pull shorter.
Pronounce a project's name