My Name is Ryan Gaus

I am a student and software developer from Syracuse, NY with experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other backend technologies. Also, I play and love .

My Resume

  • Javascript (React, Redux, jQuery, Node, Express, Mocha, Request)
  • HTML & CSS (Bootstrap, SCSS)
  • Python (Flask, NumPy, PyGame)
  • Elixir (Phoenix, Ecto, eex, Timex)
  • Rails, Bash, Java, and more.
  • Freelancer (2012-current)
    As a freelance web developer, I mostly prefer to develop backend systems but more often than not I will do both backend and frontend. I charge usually around $40/hour; Email me above for any proposals.
  • Lono (2014-2016)
    Lono is an internet-of-things sprinkler controller company that allows its users to provide on-demand control to its user's sprinkler controllers. My work involved multiple languages and stacks such as Node.js, Elixir, Ruby on Rails, and React.
    • Developed from the ground up a web dashboard to allow users to control their sprinklers from the web that customers consistently praised.
    • Designed a Public API that allowed users to integrate Lono with other services
    • Contributed to the backend system written in Elixir for managing each user's sprinkler system.
    • Interacted with third-party vendors such as Zapier and Amazon to integrate Lono into their systems.
  • The Minecraft Open Network (2012-2014)
    From Febuary 2012 to August 2014, I hosted minecraft servers using my own custom software stack written in PHP and MySQL. From the online dashboard, users could start, stop, and manage plugins for each server.

My Projects and Achievements



Invoices are a pain, especially for freelance developers. Waltz lets a developer run a few commands to create an invoice for their next freelancing gig with ease.

I'm an Eagle Scout!

Earned on September 15, 2015


CandyCrowd lets trick-o-treaters determine which houses have the best candy in an area via crowdsourcing. This was a Hack Upstate project written by Nathan Christensen and I, and we won 2 Amazon Echos!


Ikeaify can only be explained as a project that came out of a sleepy haze one evening. Enter a word, and Ikeaify will try to morph it into what would sound like an Ikea product. Not affiliated with Ikea.


A grocery list for the modern shopper that keeps track of which stores have the best price for an item at any time.



An internet of things controller for makers. Easily control internet of things devices by wiring them up similar to services like IFTTT and Zapier.

Baldwinsville Girl Scout Service Unit

Baldwinsville Girl Scouts

Made for a local Girl Scout unit, I created a custom CMS tailored to fit their needs.

Nancy Sews

A website for local seamstress Nancy Gaus, that contains her price list and customer information.